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Peter Bruno

Hi Great Concept. Could you please send me some more information regarding your product. I would also like to inquire about becoming a dealer for the product. Look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks www.geoteclandscapesupplies.com

Susan Quirk

For both personal and advice giving as a Master Gardener I too am looking at a CISTA system. I have a downspout in an area open to the street view that I would like to use for rain harvesting.
Let me know where this system is being carried.

Charlene Brouard

I saw the rain water harvesting system in the Canadian Gardening, may 2009 issue and have been looking for it on the market. I have been unable to locate it, is this available for sale. We do have alot of rain here in Victoria but each summer we have water restrictions this system would be perfect. I would be interested in finding out if it is available to purchase this system from a store or order it on line and what would the cost be, I believe that I would be looking at 6 possible more. Your time and information is greatly appreciated.


AS a lanscaper, this would be a viable approach to encourage clients to promote water conservation as my business is geared towards self-sufficient gardens.
I already talked about it with some clients and they cannot wait to purchase one or more.
Neither can I some that matter.
Please keep us informed on when and where it will be available.


It looks fantastic. That's exactly what I am looking for. Do you think they'll be available pretty soon ? Even in Europe where I live ? Thxs

Kate - The Beach

Agreed, are these available to the public?


Saw this in May issue of Cdn Gardening magazine and am VERY keen on acquiring one. I don't have enough space for a trad rain barrel so this would be great. Viability in our Ontario winters is a valid question. Does the material stand up to freezing conditions or does it have to be taken down and reinstalled every spring (groan)?

WHEN CAN WE PURCHASE THESE??? PLEASE GET THEM ON THE MARKET ASAP!! How many gazillions are we talking to get one? Pls be kind...


Any plans to see these commercially? I'd love to install one or 2 of these at my house!

One question though, what happens in the winter?

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